Price List

You deserve pricing that’s affordable and skin to make you feel great!


Anti-wrinkle injections $10.99 per unit
Lip dermal fillers $400 per treatment
Facial fillers - soft $500 per ml
Facial fillers - medium $550 per ml
Facial Fillers - Firm $600 per ml
Tear trough fillers $650 per ml
Nose deformity correction fillers $700 per ml
Collagen stimulating hand rejuvenations $1400 both hands

Non surgical face lift

Mint PDO thread lifting $2200

TempSure™ Radio Frequency

Cellulite treatment  $499 per session
Full face skin tightening $400 per treatment
Eye lift $299 per session
Neck skin tightening $399 per session
Décolletage skin tightening $399 per session
Tear trough fillers $650 per ml
Abdomen skin tightening $399 per session
Upper legs skin tightening $499 per session
Upper arms skin tightening $399 per session

Surgical Radio frequency

RF precision mole removal $199 first mole
each subsequent mole $50

Non Ablative Fractional Laser

Full facial skin resurfacing $399 per session
Neck skin resurfacing $399 per session
Hands skin resurfacing $399 per session
Surgical scar treatments from $299
Facial acne scars $349 per session

Icon IPL pigment treatments

Full face $349 per session
Décolletage $399 per session
Full arms $699 per session
Half arms $399 per session
Full legs $899 per session
Half legs $499 per session
Both hands $345 per session

Cherry angioma & Capillary IPL treatments

Rosacea - full face $345 per session
Rosacea - cheeks and nose $299 per session
Dilated capillaries (telangectasis) $249 per session
Spider veins $199 per session
Cherry angiomas  $199 per session
Portwine stain $399 per session
Facial veins, 1-3 veins  $199 per session
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